Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Many insiders have picked Colby Corino to be one of the leaders of the next generation of professional wrestling. A young "vet" at 18 years old, Colby Corino has been wrestling for five years. He has appeared in not just the United States, but Japan, Canada, England, and Germany. That is a lot for an 18 year old.

But, about six months ago, people noticed a change in Colby Corino's attitude. No longer the "nice kid" or "Steve Corino's child", he was angry. An anger had built up inside him that no one could explain. 

BJ Whitmer.

The man that King Corino himself called "The most evil man I have ever encountered in professional wrestling." recruited Colby Corino to become a member of The Decade in Ring Of Honor. And what young kid wouldn't take advice from a multi-time ROH World tag team champion? What young kid wouldn't take the opportunity to become a National television star at 18?

But at what cost?

Monday, July 6, 2015

The XOC Podcast Returns For Season 3!

Season 3 of the Extreme Odd Couple podcast makes its premiere this will on the Place 2 Be Nation family of podcasts!

King Corino and Rob Dimension are back as the show's grumpy old men, but are joined this season by "The Arbitrator" Dan McGinn!

Make sure you give it a listen. You won't be sorry....Wait, you might!

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Breaking News: King Corino On The ROSS REPORT!!!

King Corino will be taping an edition of "The Ross Report" with WWE Hall Of Famer, Jim Ross this Monday night, July 6.

To say this interview will be very interesting is an understatement, if you know the two of them personally!

Stay tuned when The Ross Report will be available on Podcast One!

Corino Comes To UltraWrestle For The MONEY!

AUGUST 1, 2015
Ultra Wrestle
Abbeville, SC

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Corino Boys Come To GA & TN This Weekend

Both King Corino and American Tiger Colby Corino head out to Georgia and Tennessee on May 8 and 9 for Deep Southern Championship Wrestling and the AIWF.

King Corino will face Chip Hazard while Colby Corino goes one on one with Kyle Matthews!

Also, PWF tag team champions F1rst Generation will be on the tour!

Visit www.DSCW.org for Tickets and Information.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Colby Corino: "Sometimes You Have To Step On Some Toes"

Fans were shocked when BJ Whitmer announced that his new "Young Boy" in The Decade just happened to be 18 year old, Colby Corino.

Was this a good decision or a teenager looking at a way to show defiance? Only time will tell.

Limited Open Dates Available!Bring

Bring King Corino to your town! The 21 year vet has limited availability for the rest of 2015 for wrestling events, seminars, and comedy.

Go to the Live Events section and see where Corino is open, then email CorinoWrestling@gmail.com for information on how you can bring the ECW original and multi-time World champion to your event.

Monday, March 2, 2015

BaseBRAWLING: Pace Of The Game & Expansion

As an avid listener of MLB Network Radio daily, an issue that always arises is the game being too long. And I agree…to a point.

To lifelong fans, baseball is a slow build to the ninth inning. The art of teams feeling each other out for the first five or six innings. The starting pitchers, starting to tire, and look for every last little bit of energy they have to finish an inning. The managers and bench coaches strategizing on what to do next. Then it’s a cat and mouse game of match ups and numbers. Right handed pinch hitter-left handed specialist. The set up man. The closer. A beautiful game of chess not confined in terms of time. THIS is the game that I love.

Is three plus hour games, everyday, hurting the popularity of the game? I don’t think so. It’s the lack entertainment between pitchers that bore people. People listen to commercials and don’t watch. At least in my house. It’s a quick bathroom run. Or grab another drink. You hear Flo on the TV, but you really aren't paying attention. You have seen that same commercial 622 times this week. 

In the 7th, 8th, and 9th inning, you have fans ready for the finish. Eagerly anticipated if their team can hold on to the lead, or make an amazing comeback. But with these commercials, you cut into that anticipation.

I am not in favor of a reliever having to cut down on warm up pitches. Or the amount of relievers you can put in. What needs to happen is that these corporate sponsors need to get their product placement in vignettes that can play during the warm up commercials. Get that fan pumped up that Antonio Bastardo is coming in to face one batter. Make it fun. “Geico presents ‘Lights Out Time’” blah blah blah. Is the commercial of Flo giving K-Rod the ball too much? If it entertaining and keeps me interested enough not to change the channel, then I say yes.

The game is not broken. We just need to change the other aspects of the non-action to make it more entertaining.

Baseball is bigger than ever. And expansion will happen eventually. Will it “thin out” talent? In theory, but I think baseball is baseball and I love it no matter what.

The Marlins and Rockies are over 20 years old. The D-backs and Rays are over 15. Is it time to add two teams? How about four?

I once had a conversation with my father and said that in by the time my youngest son is an adult, there will be a Major League Baseball team in Cuba. And it could be a real possibility.
With the United States finally making an attempt to rekindle relationships with Cuba, the idea of a MLB team in Havana is more than a wild idea. It’s a reality. Not today or tomorrow, but what about 2030?

In the meantime, I feel that Montreal is ready for another shot. They packed the old Olympic Stadium with over 50,000 screaming fans for exhibition games. MLB and the players did the city of Montreal wrong with the Strike of '94. It is time to make it right.

Then you add San Juan…and Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. Wait. What?
Yes, the idea of a shared Caribbean team is not that far-fetched. 41 home games for one team and 40 for another, with shared playoffs, and alternate years.

Can the governments of both Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic sustain a team like, say, New York could? Hell no. There would need to be some major help and major restructuring economically and politically, but it’s there. How many Latinos are living on the mainland in the United States and love baseball? Millions. Can you imagine the merchandise sales of a All-Caribbean team? And it could go back into the system to help raise youth awareness in baseball.

The owners are making money. The players are making money. The networks are making money. What percentage would everyone have to give to make this work? Building fields not only in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, but the projects of New York City. Or Cleveland. Or Los Angeles. The answer is a small percent. Baseball is a nine billion (9,000,000,000) dollar a year industry. 1% of that is $90,000,000. ½% is $45,000,000.
Baseball can thrive again in the inner city and poorer countries. Baseball just has to work together.

2020 welcomes the new Montreal Expos and Caribbean United.

If I were King of Baseball.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Happy Pitchers and Catchers Day!!!

The Blogger Is Back!

Call me "old school", but after trying my hand at the Podcasting world, I decided that I like the written word better.

A few years back, I attempted to do a weekly BaseBRAWLING column here on www.WorldOfCORINO.com, and got sidetracked. But now, I have set aside the time needed to get my views on my favorite sport out. And yes, these are my views. That doesn't make them right. I am a guy that has been fired five times from Out Of The Park baseball teams. I think I know baseball like pro-wrestling fans think they know pro-wrestling. At the end of the day, I am a fan and there is nothing wrong with that.

The Hot Stove season has been probably the most exciting it has been since I started watching baseball as a small child. Its a great time to be a fan...unless you are a Phillies fan.

And I am...

I get it. It's time to rebuild and I understand it. I actually even welcome it. But its the denial of Ruben Amaro Jr.'s rebuilding process that irritates me as a life-long fan of this team. And I think it irritates normal Phillies fans too. We aren't the Yankees. We have lived through some very bad teams. More bad than good actually. Pat Combs, Steve Jeltz, the wrong Abbott brother? I lived through it. 

The "Golden Age" of the Phillies was amazing. 2007-2011 was the best. I loved every moment of it. But, its over. The fans know it. But I don't think RAJ knows it. 

We can sit here until we are blue in the face and discuss how bad the long term contracts that were handed out have bitten them in the butt, but that doesn't get things done.

If I was "King Of The World" (Stolen from a writer we dare not speak of) I would do the following. Granted, these are pretty out there, but what the hell right? Its MY blog!

1. Ryan Howard has to go. 5 years/$125,000,000 hurts to even write. He is due 25 million in 2015, 25 million in 2016, and a club option for 23 million in 2017 with a $10,000,000 buyout. Ouch. So you have a minimum of 60 million for a guy that experts say is worth 5 million at most per year.

What to do? What to do? 

As I pitched on Inside Pitch, MLB Network Raid,  on a few Friday's with Casey Stern and Jim Bowden, I would trade Ryan Howard even up for....wait for it....Alex Rodriguez.

Yep, A-Rod to the Phillies. 

28 other cities gasped, New York celebrated, but every Phillies fan I have talked to about this trade, LOVED it.

Can A-Rod hit 23 HR's and bat better than .223 at Citizens Bank Park (and strike out less than 190 times in 648 Plate Appearances)? I say YES.

Plus, Philadelphia loves a redemption story. Remember that this is the city that embraced Michael Vick. And A-Rod never killed a dog. He is just a liar and a cheater. As a Phillies fan, I will take a cheater over a murderer any day of the week. And so will Philadelphia.

A-Rod puts on the #3, dates a Philadelphia model, and hits 5 HR's in April, and give him the keys to the city.

For Howard, he gets a change of scenary, a short porch in right field, and the benefit of not being A-Rod in Yankee Stadium.

2. Cole Hamels has to go. I love Cole Hamels. Maybe my favorite pitcher since Steve Carlton. I love him that much. I love what he did for Philadelphia. And I would also love to see him leave Philadelphia.

He has a contract that makes him valuable to teams. And RAJ knows this. But what is it going to take for him to pull the trigger on a trade? The rumors were Will Myers for Hamels for a while. I liked it. And everyday, there is a Cole Hamels to the Red Sox rumor. I like that too. 

Its no secret that the Phillies have money. Will they be a huge player in the free agency field of 2017? They sure will. BUT, they need to re-build now to prepare for 2017. The old guard, as great as they were in 2007-2011, have to go and its time to give the Darrin Ruf's, Cody Asche's, Maikel Franco's, Kelly Dugan's, and the Ken Giles' a fighting (dare I say, PHIGHTIN'?) chance.

3. Jonathon Papelbon: Just go.

It is February 18 and today, King Corino, predicts that his favorite team will be 68-94.

Next Week: International Expansion!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Curt Robinson: The Journey-Step 4

Enjoy Step 4 of "The Journey", a documentary on teenage professional wrestler and high school Freshman, Curt Robinson.

In this episode, the young Robinson wrestles his first official match. Which just happens to be against King Corino for the WAW British World championship!

Robinson is the son of award winner actor/writer Rob Dimension.

Follow Curt Robinson's journey via Twitter at @CurtRobinsonPro