Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Steve Corino Show Is Coming!

Starting this Friday, the Steve Corino Show debuts on the Place 2 Be Nation and iTunes!

We will talk baseball, politics, television, current events, and even a little bit of pro-wrestling!

This week's guest is former WWE Superstar and Internet Icon, Cliff Compton. 

Got a question, email it to us at SteveCorinoShow@gmail.com or by Twitter at @SteveCorinoShow.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

WrestleMania & WrestleCon Weekend: Memories Made!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

20th Anniversary T-Shirts Available Now!

Join in on the 20th Anniversary celebration of Steve Corino in professional wrestling with this keepsake.

The double-sided shirt is for sale and ready for shipping NOW. And we mean N O W.

The t-shirts are available only until December 31, 2014 and then you have to wait another five years to get the 25th Anniversary shirt (Spoiler Alert: We can't guarantee Steve Corino will still be in the ring!)

Get your shirt at the merchandise section of the website or at non-ROH live events around the world.

PWF News!

The Premier Wrestling Federation returns!

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

EuroTour '14 Is Announced

WorldOfCORINO.com is proud to announce that Steve Corino's 20th Anniversary tour rolls into Europe for three dates in April.

First on April 25, Steve Corino will wrestle for Preston City Wrestling's "Spring Slam 3" in Preston, England, where he will take on Noam Dar.

Then, the King of Old School returns to Germany on the 26th for the first time in almost four years and debuts for wXw in Oberhausen, Germany.

And, Sunday the 27, Corino comes back to the United Kingdom, where he will debut for Kamikaze Pro.

Special 20th Anniversary shirts will be available for the three-events. They will feature the 20th Anniversary logo, but the shirts will be royal blue. You can pre-order your shirt via PayPal for only $20USD and it will be given to you personally by Steve Corino.

Go to the merchandise section of www.WorldOfCORINO.com to order. 

Preston City Wrestling
Twitter: @PCW_UK

Twitter: @wXwGermany

Kamikaze Pro
Twitter: @KamikazeProUK 

Sometimes You Lose One, But Get Two!

At 10pm on Saturday, March 15, you could have said that Steve Corino's weekend was bitter sweet. He was coming off a huge victory in Milwaukee to become the new Brew City Wrestling heavyweight champion, but minutes before he just lost the PCW tag team titles in his birthplace of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada...But that wouldn't last long.

"People have asked me all week if I had planned on 'betraying' Adam Knight all year. While I will not deny that the thought went through my mind, it wasn't until he decided that the PCW tag team titles weren't worth his time anymore." said Corino, referring to Knight taking the pinfall in their title loss. 

Corino continued, "What really disturbed me was that the PCW fans...Winnipeg fans would have the nerve to boo me. Me. The guy that made their city look good. Sure, Chris Jericho is the golden boy of the 'Peg, but I am the guy that is still going from town to town repping this decaying city. But no more. Winnipeg, your new PCW champion is now your new SHERIFF. I dare anyone to step up and take this title."

The betrayal that the Winnipeg and PCW fans are talking about came about when Steve Corino took Adam Knight's "Golden Ticket" and cashed it in, hitting his former partner with the PCW title belt and then going on to hit the DreamMaker on Scorpio to become the new champion.

It is only a matter of time before Corino and Knight will meet face-to-face in the middle of the ring!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


The King Of Old School Steve Corino became the top dog on Friday night, March 14th in West Allis (Milwaukee), WI and became the new Brew City Wrestling heavyweight champion!

In a grueling and exciting three-way elimination match featuring then-BCW champion Dysfunction and Joey Jet Avalon, Corino finally hit the Dream Maker Lariat on Avalon after a re-start to win his first championship in almost a year.

After the match, Corino put the belt on the seat of his "tag team partner in the Universe" Shawn Weber in a show on friendship. Shawn is very missed by the Brew City fans.

Steve Corino also announced that he will take the title over to Germany and England in late April to represent Brew City Wrestling and will return to the BCW promotion on May 23.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Corino Goes For BCW Gold On Friday!

Change can happen overnight or change can happen over time. For Steve Corino and Brew City Wrestling it was a little of both.

For years, the King of Old School was more like the Trouble King in Milwaukee. Every opponent and every fan were subject to his hostile behavior.  Then he hit a road block. A personal one that took him away from the Brew City scene for over a year. 

When he returned in 2013, it was trouble as usual. The same insults. The same dirty tactics. And don't get us wrong as WorldOfCORINO.com, it was successful.

But when he met a young man named Shawn Weber, Corino's black heart turned to the heart of a normal person. The two struck up a strange friendship of text insults and Facebook posts that brought them together.

"He was an amazing young man." said Corino, "He would always call me on my BS and it was fun. He was going through so much, but he just enjoyed having someone to call a 'Turd'"

When Shawn Weber passed away on Thanksgiving, Steve Corino called BCW promoter, Frankie DeFalco, and asked to fight on the side of good. DeFalco couldn't believe his ears.

"Since 2005, this guy has terrorized not only my wrestlers, but my fans, and now he wanted to fight on the side of good? I was skeptical." said the former AWA star and current BCW owner. "But once I saw how he changed after fatherhood and Shawn's passing, I knew that this was the REAL Steve Corino. It is a shame none of us, including him, saw it sooner. Who knows how much success would have come his way."

After impressive victories over Brandon Blaze and Justin Dredd, Corino expressed his intention to go after the Brew City Wrestling heavyweight championship. This Friday night, he gets his chance.

"Championships mean a lot to me and Milwaukee has always been good to me. Especially here in Brew City. To be their champion would be a great honor. Win, lose, or draw, I will do my best." said the 20 year vet.

Can Corino win BCW gold? Come out to the Knights Of Columbus this Friday night and see for yourself!

Thursday, February 27, 2014


The King Of Old School returns to the United Kingdom this weekend for two big events with the World Association of Wrestling promotion.

First on Friday, Corino takes on his old friend, Jonny Storm in .

And then on Saturday night, Corino attempts to win the WAW World (British version) heavyweight championship vs. former TNA X-Division champion, Doug Williams.

Corino and Williams are no stranger to each other. The King took The Anarchist to the limit in 2004 for the FWA championship and then went to a 60-minute draw for the 1PW championship in 2006. Eight years later, both veterans want to prove that there is "petrol in the tank."

American Tiger Debuts In Extreme Rising This Saturday

Teenage sensation, The American Tiger is only days away from making his debut at the former ECW Arena in South Philadelphia, PA!

This coming off his debut win at Xcite Wrestling in Binghamton, NY, the 18 year old high flyer is ready for more.

"I'm excited for the chance to not only prove myself, but to get better with every match." said Tiger, "I have an ultimate goal in mind, but right now I want to get out there, travel the world, and learn everything I can."

Get your tickets at www.ExtremeRising.com or at the door of the former ECW Arena, Swanson and Ritner Streets in Philadelphia.

"All For Wayne" On March 29

Saturday night, March 29, Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment will produce "All For Wayne", live at the Recreation Center in Havelock, North Carolina.

Wayne Ward, a single father of two, was diagnosed with stomach cancer and one of the things he wanted to be a part of was a professional wrestling event. Members of the SWE united and put together a great night of wrestling.

King Of Old School Steve Corino and The Enforcer CW Anderson reform The Extreme Horsemen against the Geordie Bulldogs of Mark and Sean Denny in tag team action.

If you can't make the event, please donate the cost of a ticket to www.FeelTheShock.com. ALL monies go right to Mr. Ward.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Big Franks Blog: The Show

By Big Frank

Last night my wife and I drove up to Smithfield, NC for a wrestling show.  As you know, I hate going to independent wrestling shows but this one was different.  It was OMEGA.  To no surprise, the show was sold out.  For those out there that have never been to see an OMEGA show, you are missing some of the best wrestling on the planet.  On this night wrestlers donate their time and talent to promote the war on Autism.  The best East Coast wrestlers are members of OMEGA.  I got to hangout with old friends.  Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, C.W. Anderson, Christian York, Shane Helms, Phil Brown, Nitestic Eddie Brown, Hangtyme, Rick Converse, Reby Sky, Mike Yahama, The Man Scout Jake Manning, Erik Royal, Mickey Gambino, Mike Maverick, Trevor Lee, Cueball Carmichael and last, but not least, Thomas "Boom Boom" Simpson.  Also there was Highspots, Lizard Lick Towing and RWC Security.  All the matches were top quality.  My favorite was Phil Brown vs The Man Scout, aka Jake Manning.  These guys worked their butts off.

Now to my new friend, CWF owner Danny.  CWF is a promotion in Burlington, NC.  They also have a class promotion.  Danny's son Drew, aka Andrew Everett, is and up and coming star.  Drew couldn't make it last night because he was in Philly with my son Steve at ROH.

Just when you think wrestling is dead in the Carolinas.  Not so. OMEGA, CWF and Ring Wars Carolina are alive and well.  People, get on your computers and buy your tickets early as they sell out quick.

Also a special thanks to all the people that work behind the scenes, the referees, Brad and Katy Stutts, Michael and Amber Gertner from Highspots, Karen (The Hurricane's bride to be), the ring announcer, the bell guy and the people that worked so hard at the concession stand.  If I missed anyone, I'm sorry but at my age, I'm a little short minded.....lol.

Thank you for making my night special.  Another special thanks to all the fans, thats right, the fans who supported the show in force because without you shows would be pointless.  And a big thanks to my darling wife, Merrianne, who called it a date night because I was not in town for Valentine's Day as the ice and snow kept me from driving home.

Damn, life is good.  Talk with you guys later.  Back to OOTP14 baseball.  The new game is coming out soon.  Can't wait.  BYE!!!